Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you book up so fast?

I have been in business in North Bay since 2006.  I have provided the very best in window cleaning for my clients since then.  My clients keep coming back for more and as such they know to contact first thing in the new year to pick their window cleaning dates.  As such, by spring, 90% of my summer will be booked up.

Do you work alone or with staff?

I work alone.  One man, one job at a time.  I prefer the level of consistency I can deliver to my clients by not having to deal with staff that may not have the same standard for work as I do. Also, as a bonus, if there is ever an issue with your window cleaning, you can talk directly with the boss and get it worked out.

What time of year is best for window cleaning?

Honestly?  any time.  Windows get dirty no matter the season, and just like your body, your clothes and your car...if they are dirty, get em cleaned!

Where am I currently booked up to?

the season has come to an end for residential window cleaning, but starting in January 2019 I will be filling my schedule very fast, so be sure to get in ASAP!